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Executive summary

IZAZI ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (PTY) LTD (Izazi thereafter) commenced business in 2013 under the direct management of the owner Mr Goodboy Mtsweni a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur identified a huge gap and a need to generate power. Mr Mtsweni is accredited with Schneider Energyneering (practice no: ENT000104) and Electric/ Solar Department of Labour (MP00469) and a member of Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) (SA) (no: 0125).

Izazi have recently restructured into different business units in order to focus on what we believe are our strengths and where we can make a difference by providing optimal solutions for our customers.

Izazi offer total solution for solar power Biomass / Biogas power, wind and gas turbine, hybrid power generation solution. Hybrid power generation system can compromise a combination of solar and Biogas plants. Partnered with both national and international leaders in the field of solar, wind, gas turbines and biomass/biogas renewable energy technologies, world class proven technology and equipment compliant to international standards and local content compliant to international and national standards are what drives our ability to deliver best technology and sustainability.

Izazi has the expertise to offer good quality service to mining companies, government organizations, non government organizations (NGO’s) & industrial companies. These services range from the initial consultation, planning and design, through to the implementation, commissioning, ongoing maintenance and support of the overall project.

Izazi committed to sharing our intellectual capital and expertise by developing relationships and partnering with other enterprises, thereby providing and delivering solutions and skills to our clients who are operationally controlled through equity participation.

One major advantage with the use of renewable energy is that as it is renewable it is therefore sustainable and so will never run out. Renewable energy facilities generally require less maintenance than traditional generators. Their fuel being derived from natural and available resources reduces the costs of operation. Even more importantly, renewable energy produces little or no waste products such as carbon dioxide or other chemical pollutants, so has minimal impact on the environment. Renewable energy projects can also bring economic benefits to many regional areas, as most projects are located away from large urban centers and suburbs of the capital cities. These economic benefits may be from the increased use of local services as well as tourism.

The director has ensured that the vision is kept alive and that the delivery will be provided by the local skill force.

Feasibility Studies

For large project in the industrial/ Agricultural and IPP sectors we offer the services of feasibility studies

Commercial Basis

W e offer total project solution on a Engineer Procure Construct(EPC) basis designs are done to meet with project requirement and parameters. The designs form the basis of the project requirement and parameters. The designs form the basis of the project price and financial model report. Upon client acceptance the project is procured and constructed.

Why Renewable Energy?

With BIOMASS/BIOGAS you can:

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